Why Poppo Design?
My dad used to call me Poppo when I was growing up. It comes from Popolino – the Italian word for little people. I’m not so little anymore, but it’s stuck with me!

How does it work?
1. Decide if you’d like to use an existing design (personalised), or have your own created (bespoke).
2. Fill in either a personalised form or a bespoke form.
3. Send the form to hello@poppodesign.com
4. Once the form is received you’ll be sent a personal quotation. If you choose the bespoke service, a free consultation may be required beforehand so we can figure out what you’d like.
5. If you want to go ahead send back the signed quotation, along with any extra information required, and I can begin designing!
6. You’ll be sent digital proofs of your stationery to check over. Let me know of any changes you’d like to make. If you’re happy, I’ll send over final proofs along with an invoice.
7. Once you’ve made the payment I can send the designs to the printers. The stationery will usually be sent directly to you from the printers. If your bespoke order requires a handmade touch, I will send the stationery myself.
8. Get married and have a wonderful day!

I have an idea in mind, can you create it for me?
Certainly can! This will still be classed as a bespoke service, but the more you know what you want, the quicker I can get it done for you. Feel free to email or call for a chat. Or fill in a bespoke form to help organise your ideas.

How do you price your stationery?
The price of pre-designed, personalised stationery is calculated based on the time taken to edit, plus printing costs. This is the price you see under each item.

The price of bespoke stationery is based on time taken to design your theme (includes 2 rounds of amends) time to add/handmake any embellishments, plus printing costs. Once we’ve discussed your dream stationery I will send a quote across detailing the costs.

Prices vary depending on paper type and format, but a rough price list for basic styles can be found here.

Do I have to pay for postage?
Postage and packaging will be calculated once an order has been placed and added onto your invoice, but as a general rule 8kg will cost £8.15. If your bespoke designs require a handmade touch, or you would like your stationery to be pre-assembled, an additional postage cost will be required.

Can I add bespoke items to my personalised stationery?
Of course! Take a look at the Extras, or get in touch and I will help you create whatever you have in mind.

I can’t see what I would like on your website.
No problem! If you’d like different sizes, formats or materials – almost anything is possible! Get in touch with what you’re thinking and we can discuss your options.

When should I contact you about creating my stationery?
I can provide a quote at any time, so long as you know what stationery you need and roughly how many of each. However, I won’t be able to begin designing anything until you have all your details ready (date, venue, time etc). The easiest way to provide these is using a contact form, found at the bottom of the contact page. For the bespoke service, we can start dreaming up your ideas straight away and add the finer details near the time.

I’ve found a style I like, but can I change the colours?
Yes you can! Most designs are made up of one of two colours, which can be swapped for anything you like.

Will my stationery come ready assembled?
All stationery will be sent flat and not assembled or folded. However, this can be done for an additional charge (for example, belly bands wrapped around loose cards and inserted into envelopes).

Do I have to order all of my stationery at the same time?
No, although it is advised to make the whole process simpler. Also, if you order in batches you will have to pay for postage each time.

I haven’t got enough of everything! Can I order more?
Of course! However, be aware that most items have a minimum order quantity and additional postage costs will be charged. To avoid this, it’s best to order more items that you think you need.

Any other questions?
Feel free to contact me, and I’ll be happy to help.

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